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Instructional Design

Instructional design can look like anything, and that can be daunting and disorienting. I have been designing my own curriculum for my entire career. Critical Reflection is one of the most powerful tools I have encountered for designing curriculum that makes sense, yields results, and uplifts.

Educational Texts and Assessments

Educational texts and assessments should be exceptionally clear, well structured to best support comprehension, considerate of diverse learners, engaging, and concise. 

Critical Reflection enables those creating educational texts and materials to ask the kind of tough questions that can bring their work to the next level.

Teacher Burn Out

The insurmountable pressure on teachers can result in a sense of deep dissatisfaction with the experience of teaching and disconnection from self. I use Critical Reflection to get teachers connected to themselves, their students, and their deepest values as a teacher.

Rejuvenating Curriculum

Maybe a curriculum that worked for years, or worked in other settings, isn't flourishing like it has. Central to my work with Critical Reflection, and my lifelong work in music, is creativity. I am relentless in my determination to find what isn't working and to work together to create something fresh, responsive, and effective.

New Teacher Coaching

I struggled a lot as a first year teacher, and I have mentored many new teachers and student teachers. My work with new teachers centers on manageability, setting realistic goals and priorities, and tools and advice from my 11+ years teaching. My goal is for new teachers to feel confident, successful, and at ease.

All Educational Endeavors

Whether your work is in an office, a theater, a non profit, a museum, or a classroom, I will be essential in bringing any educational endeavor of yours to its fullest potential. My priority is to design work that fits your needs exactly, enriches the experience of all involved, and to do so efficiently.

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