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Curriculum Can and Should Be Empowering, Liberating, and Responsive

Critical Reflection and Curriculum Consulting with Julie Waters

My Approach

I am direct, passionate about curriculum, and tenaciously curious.
I use Critical Reflection to help design curriculum that is empowering, liberating, and genuinely fulfilling for educators and, by extension, their students.
Critical Reflection practices can apply to any educational endeavor. All curricula has the potential to be refreshing, meaningful, and effective and I specialize in getting it there.
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Meet Julie

Julie has been teaching and designing curricula for over a decade and has an advanced EdM in Curriculum and Teaching from Columbia University.


Growing up with undiagnosed ADHD, Julie often found herself academically paralyzed. Her expectation that she should be able to learn like her peers crippled her, because she couldn't. Once she received her diagnosis, she allowed herself to explore new ways of learning and she thrived, even in an Ivy League setting.


Giving herself permission to be curious about everything, even when it was difficult, changed her life. Curiosity gave her access to success, self knowledge, and innovation that wouldn't have otherwise been possible. This is at the heart of her teaching and it is what brought her to the Critical Reflection work she does today.


Curiosity leads to empowerment and liberation for educators just as much as it does for students. Let's start with deciding to get curious.

"Julie is a natural educator and has the ability to zoom in and out with ease when it comes to curriculum and instruction to see all of the details that are needed, as well as the bigger picture"

- Taryn Dickey

 Life Coach, M.Ed.

"Her precision in truly getting to the bottom of a problem and uncovering the truth about any given topic was flat out empowering and inspiring."

- Kate Voss

Award-winning Vocalist, Touring Musician, Author, Co-Founder Sun Goose Records

Julie Waters Consulting on Instagram

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